Saturday, July 27, 2013

Soldier and Earth

This is what I wore during the Style Origin Fashion Show in Marquee Mall. The theme of the show was "Inspiring Imagination" and speaking of this, I was inspired to wear something about the color of nature/earth (brown) because lately I learned to appreciate more the beauty of our nature/earth. Our nature/earth has a big influence in many aspects; fashion and arts to be specific. Having said all those, I added a twist in this look to make it look more striking.

In this outfit, I also applied the saying "less is more". This will always be the best key to achieve the simple yet outstanding look you want to show off. By simply wearing my shirt and paired it with my trusty black pants, I can say that this look did not fail me. I added some accessories like my leather cap and wayfarer plus my watch and a set of bracelets from specimen. I also decided to carry this camouflage bag with me since I was moved by our soldiers who sacrificed for us to have the liberty we have today. Can you imagine the bravery and toughness they showcased years ago? Ahhh they are really exalting I must say.

Shirt from Folded and Hung l Pants from Bench TM
Cap from Bench l Bag from Tomato
Accessories from Specimen

The leatherette detail of my shirt.

Men's arm party set from Specimen.

Black cap and sunglasses

How about you? Aside from God and your family, who inspires you?

On a lighter note, here's a photo of I and my friend Khai!


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