Saturday, August 31, 2013

Velvet and Yellow

Here's a month "ender" post and an advance hello "ber" months post! Hello September (my birth month, Happy birthday to me!), October, November and December! The most waited months of the year are almost here. Everybody will look forward for a much cooler weather here in our country and I hope thunder storms will be out of the system forever. Haha Anyways, here's a "pre-holiday" outfit that you can wear for the coming months- An easy to wear street style outfit for the weather here in the Philippines! Always remember to look good without suffering your comfort! Aye aye, captain!

On me: Shirt from Forever 21 Men l Jacket from Mogao/Much Better l Pants from Bench l Socks from Uniqlo l Shoes from Doc Martens l Watch from G-Shock l Cap and Sunglasses gift

Grey shirt I got from Forever21 Men in Hong Kong! And guess what, Forever 21 is coming in our very own province before this year ends! target date opening of the store will be before Christmas at SM City Clark! A very good news to all the fashion lovers in Pampanga! Agree?

Mirrored sunnies! I'm having a serious obsession with this kind of sunglasses and I want to have more in different colours and designs. Haha

The zipper design and details of my velvet jacket.

Say hello to my yellow socks which I got from Uniqlo! Also, Uniqlo will open its 2nd store here in Pampanga! Uniqlo will also open its store at SM City Clark before Christmas! Looks like Kapampangans especially the fashion lovers will have a very very good Christmas. Haha


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tech Fair Sale at SM City Clark

 Two weeks ago, SM City Clark invited us during the second day of their 3-day Tech fair sale! The event was held at the Event Center of the mall. The event was filled with tons and tons of gadgets from different top brands when it comes to gadgets and gadgets accessories! From laptops to tablets to cameras and smart phones; iPad and phone cases, portable speakers and power bank chargers, and other stuff for gaming! Definitely the day was jam-packed and was meant for all the techie lovers!

Cybermonth 2013 in all SM Malls nationwide! Please check their website for the Tech Fair Sale schedule.

Say hi to Thea and I at the Photo Booth section.

 Check out this new Samsung Mega! A smart phone and tablet in one!

 I recommend this smart phone to all those who always transact thru E-mails and anything in the internet world!

 This Fanny Wang Headphones are absolutely my favourite! It was love at first sight when I saw this in the event. This is my top pick during the event!

 Fanny Wang Headphones Co. 

 I enjoyed the sounds of it when the manager allowed me to test their headphones! Any genre will fit in these headies!

 And the fact that Fanny Wang headphones was recognised at the Hardware Weekly Magazine is a plus point! This is a trusted magazine to all the techie lovers!

 Ozaki phone cases for your apple products! Name the colour you want and they have it!

 Acer section!

 This laptop from Dell is beyond amazing! It is a tablet and laptop in one! Plus it is also touch screen when you use it as a laptop!

 Taa-daa! An instant tablet for you!

 For those who do by Lenovo! They have the nicest booth. Haha

 I and my fellow bloggers were asked to do a live review for the products. It was really hard but at the same time fun and if one of my top picks is this 1TB HD from Buffalo. As a photographer/blogger, I take a lot of photos and sometimes, my lappie's memory isn't enough for all my documents and stuff. I highly recommend this 1 TB HD for all those who love to store/keep all their documents in a safe storage.

 and that's me on the screen making testimony for the products!

Do I look like scared in this photo? Lol

 From left to right: The Castillo of l Elle Paulino of l Khai Nunag of and yours truly!

 The PFB on duty! Thanks to the Marketing staff of SM City Clark for inviting us in this event and looking forward for more projects/collaborations with you! Again, thank you very much from me and my fellow PFB! 

Say hi to my style twin, Khai!

Photos by me and Thea Castillo!


Style and Comfort

Was invited by my good friend Khai to help her style the models who will wear her designs for a fun shoot with the group of photographers in Pampanga. For a good sunday afternoon, a nice shirt and a pair of pants would be a perfect combo! When styling models, you have to be in your most comfortable clothes, right? You will move all day to help the models in their outfits and go to their shoot location under the scorching hot sun. You don't want to sweat like a man who went to the gym in an hour, right? Haha Anyway, here's a simple yet trendy and functional outfit I wore last Sunday!

 On me: Shirt from l Buttondown from Basic Edition l Pants from Bench l Shoes from Boby l Watch from G-Shock l Rings from SM Store l Cap from Bench l Wristband from Fudgerock l Sunglasses from bazaar

Simple essentials for today. Black wrist band from FR and all black sunnies I got from a bazaar!

Diamond pattern of my shirt. I like how this shirt scream class and simplicity. Made my look very polished! Also added these rings because I can't remember the last time I wore them. They added extra fun in this look anyway. Lol

Added this checkered button-down to add an impact on my overall look and kill the dullness of it.

What about you guys? What is your most comfortable outfit idea? 

Photos by Khai Nunag


Monday, August 26, 2013

Red and Happy

It's my blog's 1st birthday last August 19! I know that this post is a bit late but hey, better late than never! Haha Anyway, here's a special post for my blog's special day! --A year ago, I decided to take my blog to the next level, my blog used to be a "short-time blog" and was named "One Minute Talk" ( I always post random stuff that you can read in less than a minute (I deleted other posts from years back, btw). After browsing stuff from different local and international bloggers (fashion/style/lifestyle/gadgets/travel/food), I decided to take blogging seriously and little by little my hobby became my career. Read myy first post last year-- hereGetting invitations from different small and big businesses here in our province was such an honor. From fashion shows to business' grand openings and the like were really heartwarming. Also, this blog became the bridge for me to meet my co-bloggers here in Pampanga, the Pampanga Fashon Bloggers. We are a group of like-minded people when it comes to fashion and styling, photography and anything about arts. Our group is open for any collaboration and partnership, event invites and any digital marketing with different businesses here in Pampanga and the rest of the Philippines.This blog is also the brainchild of my small online shop- Specimen; an online shop for the guys who like to wear accessories ( It was indeed a great year for me and my own little space here in the internet world. 

On me: Inner shirt from Folded and Hung l Sweater from Monakiki c/o SM City Pampanga l Pants from Uniqlo l Watch from Tomato (Swap watch) l Shoes from Doc Martens l Sunglasses gift

This sweater is perfect during rainy days and the aztec print on it is a plus point! You can wear it with shorts, too! In my case, I paired it with my trusty black pants.

Sunglasss from my mom! My mom really knows my style. Haha

My swap watch from tomato! Gave this to myself after receiving my Tax refund from the US! I really like this watch because I can change the strap in any colours anytime. 

Before I end this post, I would like to thank my readers (if I have one lol but thanks to my stats, at least I would know how many visitors I get every single day from different continents of the world.) for reading my posts! Thank you very much and I hope my blog was able to inspire you to express your love for fashion and arts! Again, thank you very very much for the year that we shared together through this blog! Looking forward for more years to come! Cheers!

Photos by: Khai Nunag


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Green and Gadgets

Attended the Tech fair sale at SM CIty Clark few days ago with my fellow Pampanga Fashion Bloggers! The day was filled with tons and tons of gadgets! Different innovations from variety of brands were showcased during the event. Since the event was all about gadgets and it was drizzling outside, I had the chance to wear this Green jacket/raincoat I got from the long weekend sale in SM City Pampanga! I thought this would also be the right time to step out of my comfort zone by just wearing dark colors all the time. It's about time to wear something colorful (at least one) in my outfits! Now I could say that nothing beats a nice colored jacket/raincoat during rainy days!

On me: Green jacket/raincoat from Mint c/o SM City Pampanga l  Shirt form Zara l Pants from Bench l Bulldog shoes from Moonwalker l iPad case from Ebay l Necklace from Specimen

If you've noticed, I just played with three colors on this look- black, white and green! When you wear bright colored jackets just like this, always remember to match it with dark colors; black, white and grey are the safest and colors red, brown and yellow are the least (for me).

Eyeglasses from Hong Kong.

Pocket of my raincoat/jacket! This jacket has this nice pocket on its right sleeve where you can keep your mobile phone or your wallet. Beat that lol

Finished it off with this rusty nuts (small) from specimen! Btw, I hope everyone are doing okay now after the calamity we had in our country! May God bless us all!

Photos by Khai Nunag


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Casual and Playful

Here's my first post for the month of August! This month is very special for me. Aside that it is my mom's birthday month, it is also my blog's 1st birthday! YUP! It was August of last year when I decided to take blogging "seriously" and from there, my hobby (about fashion, photography and the like from years back before blogging) became my so called "career" now(reason of a bum, lol). Getting invitations here and there were very heartwarming and beyond amazing and blah blah (will blog more about this soon!). Lol For this look, I mixed casual and playful at the same time! Nothing's wrong in experimenting, yup?

Wore this outfit on a meeting with the marketing staff of SM City Clark together with my friend/co-PFB Khai. Yes, you read it right! We will be working with SM City Clark anytime soon. Really happy because these people (staff from SMCP and SMCC) always believe in our craft and trust us in what we can do! Feel so really blessed! For my outfit, wore my plain grey shirt and just paired it with my raw denim. As for the playful style, I injected here my mirrored sunglasses and laughing monster cap. And for the casual side, nothing beats a plain shirt from a legendary brand- Lacoste!

Shirt from Lacoste l Pants from Penshoppe
Shoes from Moonwalker l Bag from Clippers
 Cap and Sunglasses gift

From its original logo and design, lacoste will never fail you in any style you want!

Say hello to my laughing monster cap! A different style and design for my growing collection of snapbacks!

Mirror sunglasses in a vacant parking lot!

And here's one of my favorite shoes in the world!


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