Saturday, August 3, 2013

Best Family Day with Sarah and Jollibee

 Sunday calls for a family day! Right after hearing mass, we always make sure that we will have a bonding during this special day of the week. May it be a walk in the mall or in the park and get a delicious meal for dinner right after. And when I say dinner, this doesn't mean to have the usual set up in a fine dining restaurant and stuff. We also go to our number 1 favorite since I was a little kid! Everybody's favorite and the number one fast food chain here in our country; Jollibee!

Yes, I can really say that I'm one of the millions fans of this fast food chain! And I will never get tired of eating their meals for the rest of my life (sounds exaggerated but real). And as a treat to customers who continue to make Chickenjoy their ultimate bonding meal with loved ones, Jollibee brought together families for a special date with their two all-time favorites during the “Best Family Bonding Date with Sarah G.”. The event was staged at the Event Center of Marquee Mall in Angeles last Sunday, July 28, 2013. My family and I joined the said event. The day was filled with so much joy to all the young and the young at hearts!

 For many families, nothing beats the joy of spending time together especially over their favorite fried chicken, Chickenjoy. This year, Jollibee celebrates their 35th anniversary with the theme 'Dito ang Sarap Maging Pamilya,'. 35 successful years in the industry who never fail to make every kids and adults smile whenever they eat at Jollibee!

Jollibee dancing with Gwyomi.

 The winners of the games! Very energetic and happy family!

Even the MC's danced with Jollibee!

Game board

Right after the games and all, Viva Talent Miguel serenaded the crowd in Bruno Mars' songs! This guy will go places! He is very young and talented!

 And there goes Sarah G. with the G-force! She sang On the floor and where have you been. 

 Sarah talked about the value of family. Our family will always be there for us no matter what happens. We should love our parents and siblings the way they love us!

 Sarah entertained them with amazing and heartwarming performances, including a special song number with her father Delfin.

 I have no doubts why Jollibee chose Sarah G to be their Ambassador because Jollibee isn't only a well known fast food chain but a home for every family! And having said all those, Sarah Geronimo is a family oriented individual who does nothing but the best for her family!

 The crowd sung the Happy Birthday Song for our 25 years old Popstar Princess!

 Happy Birthday, Sarah and Jollibee!

 My family (incomplete) From L-R: My auntie Herminia, my sister Kim, mommy Wilma, daddy Efren and my nephew Amos.

 After the show, we had the chance to ask questions to Sarah G. Topics about her family and her current show (The Voice) were tackled.

 After bidding farewell to Sarah, we decided to go to Jollibee and eat ourt foods there. Chickenjoys are perfectly seasoned with the right aroma that is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, Chickenjoy makes any family bonding moment extra special.

 Roamed around the mall and played stuff together with my nephew.

 Jollibee's event "Best Family Day with Sarah G." was indeed a success! Everybody went home with a smile on their face! This is one of the happiest family day for me to record! Thanks again to Jollibee for inviting me and my family in this event and looking forward for the next 35 years to come!

 “We at Jollibee truly appreciate that, each day, families continue to create new and happy memories together over meal times of Chickenjoy,” said Jollibee's Marketing Director Kent Mariano. “This is why Chickenjoy has remained the number one, best-tasting fried chicken over the years; it has become a staple in countless family occasions and get-togethers. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary this year with the theme 'Dito ang Sarap Maging Pamilya,' we want to show our appreciation for our customers' continued patronage of our product that has become a symbol of happy family moments.”


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