Thursday, August 8, 2013

Casual and Playful

Here's my first post for the month of August! This month is very special for me. Aside that it is my mom's birthday month, it is also my blog's 1st birthday! YUP! It was August of last year when I decided to take blogging "seriously" and from there, my hobby (about fashion, photography and the like from years back before blogging) became my so called "career" now(reason of a bum, lol). Getting invitations here and there were very heartwarming and beyond amazing and blah blah (will blog more about this soon!). Lol For this look, I mixed casual and playful at the same time! Nothing's wrong in experimenting, yup?

Wore this outfit on a meeting with the marketing staff of SM City Clark together with my friend/co-PFB Khai. Yes, you read it right! We will be working with SM City Clark anytime soon. Really happy because these people (staff from SMCP and SMCC) always believe in our craft and trust us in what we can do! Feel so really blessed! For my outfit, wore my plain grey shirt and just paired it with my raw denim. As for the playful style, I injected here my mirrored sunglasses and laughing monster cap. And for the casual side, nothing beats a plain shirt from a legendary brand- Lacoste!

Shirt from Lacoste l Pants from Penshoppe
Shoes from Moonwalker l Bag from Clippers
 Cap and Sunglasses gift

From its original logo and design, lacoste will never fail you in any style you want!

Say hello to my laughing monster cap! A different style and design for my growing collection of snapbacks!

Mirror sunglasses in a vacant parking lot!

And here's one of my favorite shoes in the world!


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