Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tech Fair Sale at SM City Clark

 Two weeks ago, SM City Clark invited us during the second day of their 3-day Tech fair sale! The event was held at the Event Center of the mall. The event was filled with tons and tons of gadgets from different top brands when it comes to gadgets and gadgets accessories! From laptops to tablets to cameras and smart phones; iPad and phone cases, portable speakers and power bank chargers, and other stuff for gaming! Definitely the day was jam-packed and was meant for all the techie lovers!

Cybermonth 2013 in all SM Malls nationwide! Please check their website for the Tech Fair Sale schedule.

Say hi to Thea and I at the Photo Booth section.

 Check out this new Samsung Mega! A smart phone and tablet in one!

 I recommend this smart phone to all those who always transact thru E-mails and anything in the internet world!

 This Fanny Wang Headphones are absolutely my favourite! It was love at first sight when I saw this in the event. This is my top pick during the event!

 Fanny Wang Headphones Co. 

 I enjoyed the sounds of it when the manager allowed me to test their headphones! Any genre will fit in these headies!

 And the fact that Fanny Wang headphones was recognised at the Hardware Weekly Magazine is a plus point! This is a trusted magazine to all the techie lovers!

 Ozaki phone cases for your apple products! Name the colour you want and they have it!

 Acer section!

 This laptop from Dell is beyond amazing! It is a tablet and laptop in one! Plus it is also touch screen when you use it as a laptop!

 Taa-daa! An instant tablet for you!

 For those who do by Lenovo! They have the nicest booth. Haha

 I and my fellow bloggers were asked to do a live review for the products. It was really hard but at the same time fun and if one of my top picks is this 1TB HD from Buffalo. As a photographer/blogger, I take a lot of photos and sometimes, my lappie's memory isn't enough for all my documents and stuff. I highly recommend this 1 TB HD for all those who love to store/keep all their documents in a safe storage.

 and that's me on the screen making testimony for the products!

Do I look like scared in this photo? Lol

 From left to right: The Castillo of l Elle Paulino of l Khai Nunag of and yours truly!

 The PFB on duty! Thanks to the Marketing staff of SM City Clark for inviting us in this event and looking forward for more projects/collaborations with you! Again, thank you very much from me and my fellow PFB! 

Say hi to my style twin, Khai!

Photos by me and Thea Castillo!


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