Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday and Stuff

Red is for Valentines! Hahaha well it's been a tradition for me to wear something that is color red on my........ Birthday! Haha yes, before my day ends, let me share to you my Birthday outfit. Was inspired by the people in NYC who wear bright colored parkas! So in my case, I decided to wear my bright red-orange parka to complete my birthday outfit! Didn't add extra accessories to maintain the classic yet street friendly look! And oh, did I forget to mention the Birthday gift I received from my family? Say hello to my new Doc Martens 1460! They knew that I really want to have a pair of this 1460 and was really happy they gave me! They know me too well, eh! I really love this 1460 because I can wear them anywhere and everyday! They can also add a statement to your overall look! Btw, it's my first time to document my Birthday outfit. Haha

On me: Buttondown from Frederick Policarpio l Parka from Folded and Hung l Jeans from Penshoppe l Shoes from Doc Martens l Watch from Casio l Sunglasses from Ray Ban

This parka is perfect for our weather here in the Philippines. Why? This parka isn't that thick that it can pass off sunny or gloomy day! A wearable piece for work, school or even for a walk in the mall! Planning to get the color blue of this though! Haha can you say I'm into colors now? :)

The iconic tags of the 1460!

Finished it off with my Doc Martens! Really happy to have them and hoping that this pair will take me to the places I want  to visit real soon! Tell me your thoughts! Happy Birthday to me! :)
P.S: I'm still 21! Hahaha

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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