Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Converse and Mint

Whenever I see guys who wear white shirt and black pants with their converse shoes, I always challenge myself to pull off that kind of look too. Honestly speaking, as much as I try to look clean and cool, I always end up looking messy. Lol  well it took me ages to get this "school dude" look. I'm always hesitant if I could pull it off like those I see in the internet but good thing, I found a very nice royal blue varsity jacket during the three day sale in SM City Pampanga. I thought of adding it to my look and was really happy that it complemented very nice in my overall look. First time to do this and glad I didn't fail. Hehe

On me: Shirt from Chancelor l Jacket from Mint l Pants from Bench l Watch from Tomato l Shoes from Converse Chuck Taylor l Socks from Uniqlo

This varsity jacket from Mint is very comfy and fits me well. Others may think that it is too thick but seriously, it is very comfortable; it won't make you sweat when you wear it. This jacket even gave me the "school dude" look I wanted to show off.

The trademark of a varsity jacket is the patch on its left side. M stands for, Mags! No just kidding, M stands for Mint I guess since I got this from the said store.

I can't remember the last time I wore this pair though! Haha and to add more accent in my "school dude" look, finished it off with my black Chuck Taylor! This pair are really classic, they never get out of style and they are a must have in every guy's shoe closet! Basic, classic and trendy in one! Agree? Also wore my grey socks from Uniqlo!~

What can you say about my outfit? Did I pull off the "school dude" look? Haha

Photos by: Khai Nunag

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  1. Love it!! Pretty ung kumuha ng shots na yan. Lol haha


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