Monday, September 30, 2013

Nike and Blue

Took my rubber/running shoes out for a spin! This may be one of the few outfits that I wore rubber shoes! Or maybe the first time though? Haha I'm always hesitant to wear rubber/running shoes because at some point, I thought they're only made for gym and for sports but my thoughts were wrong and finally tried something new on my outfit! Kept my look really casual by wearing a pastel coloured polo shirt and paired it with my black pants to make sure I won't look like I'm heading to the gym! Also wore my colorful socks to make my outfit more interesting!

On me: Shirt from Penshoppe l Pants from Penshoppe l Buttondown from Posture Church l Shoes from Nike l Socks from Forever21 Men l Bag from Tomato l Cap from Mogao l Watch from G-Shock l Sunglasses Gift

Black matte sunglasses I got from my mom! A pair of sunnies is a staple item inside my bag. They don't only add a fashion statement but they also protect my eyes to the sun!

Polo shirts with nice details will never fail to give you a simple yet stylish look! In my case, I really like the sewn white part of my shirt to its dominant color. And not to forget, the blue pocket detail of my shirt which I matched with my blue socks!

Backpack from Tomato! I really like the simplicity of this bag. It can carry my laptop and camera whenever I go outside to meet my friends. I also got this 50% off! What a steal!

Finally! I had the guts to wear this rubber/running shoes in my OOTD! My cousin from Chicago gave these to me last year during my US travel. Used them for running here in our country and never thought of wearing them for an OOTD but hey, I'm starting to like wearing rubber shoes now! For a change. Haha! Tell me your thoughts!

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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