Thursday, October 31, 2013

Checkered and Yellow

As they always say, you can be anyone on Halloween! This time, I decided not to be a hero, a vampire, a devil but to be a Photographer, a character which I will always love to portray not only during Halloween but for the rest of my life. Grew up seeing my dad taking snaps and there, I was influenced to love this profession, too! I love taking pictures because it creates priceless memories. Memories that you will forever have in your heart! Haha Anyways, on to my outfit, I didn't wear the typical cargo vest most of the Photographers wear rather wore an all black outfit (from head to toe) and added a black and white wrap around. I also wore my 1460's and their yellow laces to break the black and white scheme of my look. 

On me: Shirt from Zara l Pants from Bench l Buttondown from Hong Kong l Shoes from Doc Martens l Cap from Bench l Sunglasses from Bazaar l Watch from U-Boat l Camera from Nikon l Camera Strap from CrumplerBracelet Gift

Sunnies to add an impact to your overall look!

By adding this wrap around to your look, a simple look or a plain shirt can make it look trendy!

My camera 5ever! Lol say hello to my 4 year old camera!

Tried the yellow laces I got for free from Dr. Martens! What do you guys think about my Halloween outfit? Haha

Photos by: Zhack Paras


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sabo and NY

When I travel, I always make sure to buy shirt that has a print of "I love (Place I visited)". I don't know but, it has become an addiction for me to collect those kind of shirts. Souvenir and fashion in one, right? Lol I started collecting them when I visited Bangkok few years back and the latest I bought was when I went to Boracay with my family. Looking forward for more travels and more shirts to collect in the future! On to my outfit, I wore my genuine I love NY shirt and kept all things classic and very sleek. Nice outfit you can wear for a small get together with your friends!

On me: Shirt from Times Square NYC l Jacket from H&M l Bag from Forever21 Men l Pants from Bench l Shoes from Moonwalker l  Watch from Casio l Beads from Specimen l Bracelet from Thomas Sabo

Don't you just love this iconic I heart NY shirt I got from Times Square? I really like it and just got it for 12$! What a steal! Haaaa!

Mixed this Thomas Sabo bracelet with my bracelets from Specimen. Classic arm party!
A day to night outfit, yes? Versatile jacket like this that you can use as a wrap around!

Read my posts about my favorite city in the world here and here and here!

Do you like my outfit? Enjoy the rest of your week guys!

Photos by: Karla Salinas


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Itti and Tokyo

Comfort at its finest! Here's a simple and comfortable yet trendy outfit I wore during the Exclusive Sneak Preview of Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival that was held in Marquee Mall! The day was filled with tons of foods from the different participating Provinces in Northern Luzon! From the famous Halo halo of Kabigting's to the delicious empanada of Nueva Ecija and many more! Surely, my tummy was in glee! On to my outfit, I opted to wear this shirt since the weather was really hot that day! Kept my look really simple and I just let my boots do the talking! What do you think?

On me: Shirt from Folded and Hung l Jeans from Penshoppe l Boots from Itti l Cap from Yhansy c/o Seff Francisco l Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Watch from Casio l Bracelet from Yabang Pinoy

Tokyo cap from my blogger friend, Seff Francisco! Don't you just like the leatherette texture of this cap? This wasn't really part of my OOTD but I liked it and included it! Thanks again, Seff!

Simple yet trendy shirt I got from Folded and Hung! Classic design and very comfortable at the same time. Will invest more shirts like this soon. Haha

Always remember to look good and feel good even with your simplest outfit!

Photos by: Heart Sharen


Friday, October 11, 2013

Taksyapo and Pins

Rainy day calls for a lazy yet trendy and street-friendly outfit! Had the chance to wear my shirt I received from a local brand  here in Pampanga! Wore it underneath my denim vest and just added my buttondown and used it as a wrap around in my waist to give a street vibe and twist  in my overall look! You can wear this outfit for a late afternoon bonding with your friends! This is so far one of my favorite looks this year. Undeniably effortless street fashion (for me)! Haha

On me: Shirt from Taksyapo Shirts l Vest from People are People l Pants from Bench l Shoes from Dr. Martens l Pins from Dr. Martens l Sunglasses from Folded and Hung l Button down used as wrap around  from Old Navy l Watch from Tomato l Cap gift

Cool pins I got for free from the Dr. Martens flagship store in BGC!

Say hello to my Taksyapo shirt! Really happy to wear this shirt not only because of its nice print but also because this shirt was made in Pampanga! Pampanga is not only the Christmas and Culinary capital of the Philippines but will also be one of the Fashionable Provinces in our country! I'm sure my fellow Capampangan and Filipinos will agree to this. Why? Because Capampangans are really artistic and very creative! No one can deny that, yes? One local brand to prove that is the Taksyapo Shirts in Sasmuan Pampanga! 

TAKSYAPO SHIRTS are based on the culture & different expressions of people in PAMPANGA especially in SEXMOAN/SASMUAN. Please do not forget to visit their facebook page for more designs and colors!

Will never get tired of adding wrap around button downs to my outfit! Wrap around can really give spice and twist to your overall look! Try it, it's really fun!

My overused shoes! Haha well, they're really beautiful and can be paired in any pants!

Taksyapo? Do not forget to visit and like their page on Facebook! Taksyapo Shirts!

Photos by: Zhack Paras


Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage and Silver

Made sure to keep everything look cozy yet trendy! Last week, the weather gave me the permission to wear this knitted pullover and matched it with my favourite jeans. When I say favourite, I really mean it. Well if you've noticed from my previous posts lately, I only have three pairs of pants that I circulate (2 black pants and 1 jeans). I'm really picky when it comes to bottoms since it's really hard for my height to find the right cut that will make me look taller. Haha Ya'll know what I mean, right? So here's a piece of advice I can give to my fellow "5'5" and below: find the right cut of bottoms that will perfectly fit to your legs and please, do not wear baggy pants if you don't want to look like a grade school pupil walking around the street. Lol

On me: Pullover from H&M l Jeans from Penshoppe l Boots from Doc Martens l Cellphone holder/wallet from Baguio City l Watch from Casio l Sunglasses from my dad (Vintage)

Got this cellphone holder/wallet from our last trip in Baguio last summer. It can carry my two mobile phones and my cards, too!

Leatherette patch that added a nice detail on my pullover! Aside from its nice design, this is really a nice knitwear for a gloomy weather in our country!

Got this pullover a year ago in Florida! Here's a little confession about this stuff, I actually got this from the Tween (in between, 12-18 y/o) section of the store. My friends told me to try it then really liked it and paid for it immediately! I even got the blue colour of this. Haha

Found this vintage eyewear from my dad's *baul (old treasure box. lol!). I really like the silver frame and light blue lenses of this sunnies which complemented to some colours present in my outfit- Grey/silver and blue!

My sister gave me this watch on my birthday! Silver Casio watch is a classic piece since it can blend in to any outfit! It is a must have in every guy's closet.

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga


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