Thursday, October 31, 2013

Checkered and Yellow

As they always say, you can be anyone on Halloween! This time, I decided not to be a hero, a vampire, a devil but to be a Photographer, a character which I will always love to portray not only during Halloween but for the rest of my life. Grew up seeing my dad taking snaps and there, I was influenced to love this profession, too! I love taking pictures because it creates priceless memories. Memories that you will forever have in your heart! Haha Anyways, on to my outfit, I didn't wear the typical cargo vest most of the Photographers wear rather wore an all black outfit (from head to toe) and added a black and white wrap around. I also wore my 1460's and their yellow laces to break the black and white scheme of my look. 

On me: Shirt from Zara l Pants from Bench l Buttondown from Hong Kong l Shoes from Doc Martens l Cap from Bench l Sunglasses from Bazaar l Watch from U-Boat l Camera from Nikon l Camera Strap from CrumplerBracelet Gift

Sunnies to add an impact to your overall look!

By adding this wrap around to your look, a simple look or a plain shirt can make it look trendy!

My camera 5ever! Lol say hello to my 4 year old camera!

Tried the yellow laces I got for free from Dr. Martens! What do you guys think about my Halloween outfit? Haha

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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