Friday, October 11, 2013

Taksyapo and Pins

Rainy day calls for a lazy yet trendy and street-friendly outfit! Had the chance to wear my shirt I received from a local brand  here in Pampanga! Wore it underneath my denim vest and just added my buttondown and used it as a wrap around in my waist to give a street vibe and twist  in my overall look! You can wear this outfit for a late afternoon bonding with your friends! This is so far one of my favorite looks this year. Undeniably effortless street fashion (for me)! Haha

On me: Shirt from Taksyapo Shirts l Vest from People are People l Pants from Bench l Shoes from Dr. Martens l Pins from Dr. Martens l Sunglasses from Folded and Hung l Button down used as wrap around  from Old Navy l Watch from Tomato l Cap gift

Cool pins I got for free from the Dr. Martens flagship store in BGC!

Say hello to my Taksyapo shirt! Really happy to wear this shirt not only because of its nice print but also because this shirt was made in Pampanga! Pampanga is not only the Christmas and Culinary capital of the Philippines but will also be one of the Fashionable Provinces in our country! I'm sure my fellow Capampangan and Filipinos will agree to this. Why? Because Capampangans are really artistic and very creative! No one can deny that, yes? One local brand to prove that is the Taksyapo Shirts in Sasmuan Pampanga! 

TAKSYAPO SHIRTS are based on the culture & different expressions of people in PAMPANGA especially in SEXMOAN/SASMUAN. Please do not forget to visit their facebook page for more designs and colors!

Will never get tired of adding wrap around button downs to my outfit! Wrap around can really give spice and twist to your overall look! Try it, it's really fun!

My overused shoes! Haha well, they're really beautiful and can be paired in any pants!

Taksyapo? Do not forget to visit and like their page on Facebook! Taksyapo Shirts!

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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