Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage and Silver

Made sure to keep everything look cozy yet trendy! Last week, the weather gave me the permission to wear this knitted pullover and matched it with my favourite jeans. When I say favourite, I really mean it. Well if you've noticed from my previous posts lately, I only have three pairs of pants that I circulate (2 black pants and 1 jeans). I'm really picky when it comes to bottoms since it's really hard for my height to find the right cut that will make me look taller. Haha Ya'll know what I mean, right? So here's a piece of advice I can give to my fellow "5'5" and below: find the right cut of bottoms that will perfectly fit to your legs and please, do not wear baggy pants if you don't want to look like a grade school pupil walking around the street. Lol

On me: Pullover from H&M l Jeans from Penshoppe l Boots from Doc Martens l Cellphone holder/wallet from Baguio City l Watch from Casio l Sunglasses from my dad (Vintage)

Got this cellphone holder/wallet from our last trip in Baguio last summer. It can carry my two mobile phones and my cards, too!

Leatherette patch that added a nice detail on my pullover! Aside from its nice design, this is really a nice knitwear for a gloomy weather in our country!

Got this pullover a year ago in Florida! Here's a little confession about this stuff, I actually got this from the Tween (in between, 12-18 y/o) section of the store. My friends told me to try it then really liked it and paid for it immediately! I even got the blue colour of this. Haha

Found this vintage eyewear from my dad's *baul (old treasure box. lol!). I really like the silver frame and light blue lenses of this sunnies which complemented to some colours present in my outfit- Grey/silver and blue!

My sister gave me this watch on my birthday! Silver Casio watch is a classic piece since it can blend in to any outfit! It is a must have in every guy's closet.

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga


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