Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black and Camouflage

Here's a very very quick post! Black black black! Yes, I always wear black most of the time (and sometimes, grey, brown, white) but I always make sure to look stylish. You will still look stylish if you will add a piece of clothing that has an interesting design/print! Go and try it your way. Haha

On me: Shirt from Zara l Pants from Penshoppe l Shoes from Itti l Sunglasses from Times Square NYC l Watch from U-boat l Cap from a friend

NYC cap from my dear friend Karla! I really like the leatherette part of this. Definitely will get one soon!

A simple all black outfit will look stylish if you'll mix a nice printed jacket or a cardigan. You will look more interesting and stylish!

A basic black shirt is a must in every guy's closet.

Hello to all my readers from Ukraine! Have a good day ahead ya'll!

Photos by: Karla Salinas


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