Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kalsada and Me

Before anything else, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts since my schedule lately was really busy and my relatives from the US just arrived and line of activities and out of town escapades popped in! Anyways, since the KalsadaPH website will be launched this December, I'd like to share to everyone the outfit I wore for the said project! Since this project is about Philippine Street Style, here's a grudge and hippy look perfect for it! And yes, didn't forget to add my plaid button down and used it as a wrap around! (Let's talk about my favourite style. Lol)

On me: Shirt from Oakley l Jacket from Hollister l Pants from Oxygen l Buttondown from Arnold Palmer l Boots from Dr. Marten's l Cap from Boy London l Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Rings from The SM Store l Watch from Casio

Boy London cap I got from a very good friend of mine since College days! Thanks, Karla! I hope you'll see this! Haha

About this look, I just wore this jacket I got from my cousin Daniel night before the KalsadaPH Angeles leg. I was supposed to wear a colourful outfit but I opted not too since black is really my favourite colour. It will never fail me, ever. Hehe

Don't you just love the batik design of this jacket? Seriously, obsessing in it!

The X signature of the pants from Oxygen! Tell me something about my street style outfit! Would be really happy to hear some thoughts from ya'll! Keep safe everyone!

Photos by: Jeroy Balmores


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