Thursday, December 5, 2013

NB and Oakley

Healthy lifestyle and fashion in one! Who said that you cannot be trendy while doing some Physical activities? Hmm, in this post I'm channeling a sporty and at the same time fashionable look. Well, honestly speaking, I'm not just joining the bandwagon of wearing athletic stuff in an outfit post but I'm hoping to have a healthy lifestyle, really! Ha!  Wore my cotton white shirt and matched it with my semi-leggings jeans and finished it off with my running shoes. Also wore some of my essentials like, sunnies, cap and watch. I still managed to look trendy by adding a jacket in this look which I used as a wrap around. Tell me your thoughts! :)

On me: Shirt from American Eagle Outfitters l Pants from Oxygen l Jacket from Hollister l Shoes from New Balance 577 l Sunglasses from Oakley l Cap from Arizona l Watch from Uniqlo l Socks from Uniqlo

This bright orange cap will get a lot of attentions when you wear it for a morning walk at the park! I even matched this color to my shoes. Did you notice? Lol

Say hello to this bad ass! Its actually my dad's but luckily, he doesn't like wearing sunnies so I'm safe to call this mine now! Ha!

Look at this beautiful watch I got from the VIP Shopping Preview of Uniqlo at SM City Clark! Visit their store now for more lifewear stuff! It is located at the ground floor near Oxygen.

Say hello to my new running shoes! Now, I'm more determined to live healthy! More running and brisk walking in the future! How's your day so far? Enjoy and cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Photos by: Nicko Cabiling


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