Friday, February 28, 2014

Floral and Tokyo

Floral stuff are good during summer, yes? But not for me and fashion, I can wear this print on any month of the year. Thos I admit that I'm not really a fan of summer (Yes, I'm not.) I just love this print and will never get tired of wearing it even if it's not summer. It's my second favorite print after camo! Hehe

On me: Shirt from H&M l Jeans from Penshoppe l Sunnies from Korea l Necklace from Specimen l Watch from Casio l Socks from Old Navy l Shoes from Dr. Marten's l Bag and Cap from Online Shop

What's not to like about this sunnies? Its retro design and summer-y design? Ahh the bomb!

Silver necklace from specimen.

Floral backpack? Why not! A "never full" back pack that you can bring for a day or two for an escapade with your friends!

What about you guys? What is your favorite print and why? Have a good month ahead of ya'll! Happy Friday!

Photos by: Karla Salinas


Saturday, February 22, 2014

White and Tabang

Better late than never! Originally wore this outfit few weeks ago to show my support to my my fellow Filipinos who were extremely devastated by typhoon Haiyan. Managed to keep everything look simple and clean by wearing white. Hoping that our countrymen are in good condition now with all the donations we received from different nations. AND I pray that all the donations are in good hands and not just in somebody's pocket!  Anyways, I hope ya'll having a good time! Happy weekend!

On me: Shirt from ABS-CBN l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from Native l Cap from Lacoste

ABS CBN's idea about this shirt is really amazing. No doubt that they are the number 1 network in our country. 

Native bracelets

This pair of shoes are awesome! Can't stop on blaming myself for not getting them the past years! Hehe they are light weight and really trendy!

Photos by: Nicko Cabiling


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Palmer and Cuff

Well what can I say? I just wanna apologise for not posting here for almost a month! Was really busy and can't find time to post something here. Now if you're asking, what makes me busy as of late is that, I am now working in an office of a huge company in our country. Good bye bum life but no goodbyes in my blogging career. Hehehe I will still update this blog every week though. Anyways, here's what I wore few weeks ago when our weather was still cold enough and allowed us to wear jackets!

On me: Shirt form Arnold Palmer l Jeans from Penshoppe l Jacket from Forever21 Men l Shoes from Itti l Cap from Capsules l Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Watch from Casio

Bad Boy snap! This is my new favorite! 

Silver watch that I matched with my cuff links!

What's not to love with this plaid shirt? This is actually one of my fave piece in my closet and finally had the chance to wear it for a blog post!

Look at this nice piece here! It was originally a keychain and I just changed the chain of it and presto! A nice statement piece

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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