Friday, February 28, 2014

Floral and Tokyo

Floral stuff are good during summer, yes? But not for me and fashion, I can wear this print on any month of the year. Thos I admit that I'm not really a fan of summer (Yes, I'm not.) I just love this print and will never get tired of wearing it even if it's not summer. It's my second favorite print after camo! Hehe

On me: Shirt from H&M l Jeans from Penshoppe l Sunnies from Korea l Necklace from Specimen l Watch from Casio l Socks from Old Navy l Shoes from Dr. Marten's l Bag and Cap from Online Shop

What's not to like about this sunnies? Its retro design and summer-y design? Ahh the bomb!

Silver necklace from specimen.

Floral backpack? Why not! A "never full" back pack that you can bring for a day or two for an escapade with your friends!

What about you guys? What is your favorite print and why? Have a good month ahead of ya'll! Happy Friday!

Photos by: Karla Salinas


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