Saturday, February 22, 2014

White and Tabang

Better late than never! Originally wore this outfit few weeks ago to show my support to my my fellow Filipinos who were extremely devastated by typhoon Haiyan. Managed to keep everything look simple and clean by wearing white. Hoping that our countrymen are in good condition now with all the donations we received from different nations. AND I pray that all the donations are in good hands and not just in somebody's pocket!  Anyways, I hope ya'll having a good time! Happy weekend!

On me: Shirt from ABS-CBN l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from Native l Cap from Lacoste

ABS CBN's idea about this shirt is really amazing. No doubt that they are the number 1 network in our country. 

Native bracelets

This pair of shoes are awesome! Can't stop on blaming myself for not getting them the past years! Hehe they are light weight and really trendy!

Photos by: Nicko Cabiling


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