Thursday, April 17, 2014

Green and Nature

Lately, I've become a fan of nature. Well I'm not saying that I wasn't before its just that, I learned to appreciate its beauty even more. Maybe this is part of growing up? Having a lot of realizations in life make you appreciate everything. Even the least things that you don't when you were young. As for my outfit, I was inspired by the color of our nature- Green and Brown.

On me: Shirt from People are People l Pants from Penshoppe l Buttondown from Aeropostale l Shoes from Itti l Socks from Uniqlo l Bag from Baguio City l Sunglasses Gift

Black and silver sunnies I got from my mum. This would be my new fave pair!

The colorful parrot painting printed in my shirt. What's not to love, yes? Hehe

This native bag made by the locals of Baguio is really beautiful! You can even keep your laptop in it!

And to complete my nature inspired look, I wore my green socks and black combat shoes to make my outfit more interesting!

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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