Thursday, April 17, 2014

Skate and Billingham

Skateboarding is in especially this season! You can see a lot of kids carrying their cool and nice skateboards. Summer time is indeed the perfect time for fun activities. Yes, I know that I should be wearing shorts in this outfit but, I'm not really that kind of person who loves to wear shorts. Hehe Even if its sunny, I still wear my regular jeans more often.

On me: Shirt from H&M l Jeans from Penshoppe l Shoes from Boby l Socks from Journey's l Sunglasses from H&M l Bag from Billingham l Watch from Disneyland CA

First time to wear this Sunglasses I bought from H&M in California. Not bad, aye!

Really loving this body bag from Billingham! An instant camera bag, too!

This skate board really belongs to my friend's (Tse) son! I found it at their backyard and decided to carry it to add an impact to my overall look. Not bad, yes?

Finished off my look with my favorite pair of boots together with my socks from Journey's!

Photos by: Zhack Paras


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