Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Under and Armour

Okay so honestly, I don't know where to start here! Lol Been busy and wasn't able to update this blog for the whole month of March! But no worries guys, I will try to I mean will update this blog regularly from now on!

On me: Shirt from Under Armour l Jeans from Penshoppe l Jacket from Folded and Hung l Cap from Under Armour l Running Shoes from Under Armour

Baseball cap from Under Armour. Got this cap from my dad last year!

Under armour shirts are the best! They're very comfortable and at the same time trendy oh how I wish they will open their first store here in the PI!

It's an Under Armour outfit aye? Haha sorry but I felt kinda obsessed with this brand last time!

Running shoes from UA! Their orange soles are the bomb! Very light weight and trusty pair of shoes!

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga


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