Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mickey and Adidas

Sunday calls for a smart casual look! After going to church we always go to the mall to spend some quality time with the whole family. During days like this, I always wear my most comfortable outfit; pullover, jeans and a nice pair of sneakers! Walking around the mall while baby sitting your nephew and your niece is not an easy task! Lol! So for my outfit I wore my all time favorite jeans and matched it with my navy blue pullover and finished it off with my old school campus shoes! Tell me your thoughts. 
On me: Pullover from Lucky Brand l Jeans from Penshoppe l Shoes from Adidas l Socks from Japanese Brand l iPad Case from Built l Watch from Disneyland CA l Sunglasses from Times Square NYC

The back design of my pullover I got from Lucky Brand! I wish they would bring this brand here in our country! Affordable yet trendy, yes?
One of my faves sunnies I got from Time Square x 
What about this "vintage" Mickey watch I got from my trip in California Disneyland! 
  Say hello to my old school campus shoes I got as a gift from my sister when I was still in college. Truly, they are very vintage and really trendy.  


Friday, May 16, 2014

Airmax and Camo

Hello! How's everybody's doin' this Summer? I hope everyone's having a good time in the beach while I'm arrested in our company's office! Lol Summer's been really crazy as of late, yes? Our weather is very unpredictable that you will never know if it's gonna rain or whatnot. Anyways, here's an outfit that you can wear during this kind of insane scenario. A nice printed shirt underneath an "overly printed" buttondown and a pair of jeans! Casual yet really trendy and interesting outfit to wear. Let's talk about sunshine! Ha!

On me: Buttondown from Bazaar l Shirt from Tony Hawk l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from Nike l Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Watch from Cotton On

Yes, I will never ever get tired of wearing camo printed stuff! I swear! I am a hoarder of camo prints! :)

Cotton On watch from my siter in Sydney! Really love the color of it and yes, I matched it with my camo jacket. Point seen? Haha

Say hello to my Tony Hawk shirt I got from my godmother. Can you see the brooklyn bridge in it? Look closer, hey!

Opted to wear this cool pair of kicks to add an impact to my overall "hipster" look. This airmax90 are so fly! Tell me your thoughts.

Photos by: Vanessa Gonzales


Monday, May 5, 2014

Grey and Nerdy

   Yes summer isn't over yet but let's take a break to all the summer-y and tropical prints for a while (Speaking as if I posted a summer outfit of mine. Lol) Here's an outfit I wore during a get together with my friends that I haven't seen for a long time! It's a day to night outfit so you can really wear this all day and all night. Yes, you read it right for as long as you know your hygiene properly, then you're really good to go!

On me: Shirt from American Eagle l Pants from Bench l Jacket from Bass l Boots from Itti l Cap from Oxygen l Laptop from Apple

Decided to carry my lappy to add a nerdy yet trendy impact to my overall look.

Grey American Eagle basic shirt I got as a gift from my godmom! I got a supply of good shirts from her. :)

What's not to love with the design of my cap? Look closely and you'll see.

This jacket will keep you company for an outdoor dinner or for a night walk in the park with your good friends!

To add a pop of color in this outfit, I finished off my look with this nice pair of boots! Tell me your thoughts! Have a good week ahead ya'll!

Photos by: Nicko Cabiling


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