Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Colors and Brown

Rainy days came too soon in our country. Weather is really acting crazy as of late. rainy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon and again, rainy in the evening. So for an unpredictable day like this, here's an appropriate outfit you can wear in your office or for a lazy day in the mall or in the park. Bring out some colors and be the sunshine during rainy days! Wear your brightest jacket and everything will blend in just fine. And don't forget to wear your boots and your beanie then you're good to go! 
On me: Shirt from Zara l Jacket from Mint l Jeans from Oxygen l Boots from Itti l Watch from Cotton On l Beanie from Baguio City PH 
Black shirt will never go wrong when pairing it with a colorful jacket.  
This native beanie I got during my trip in Baguio is one of my faves!
Yes, again, I still wear my sunnies even if it's raining. Lol (seriously speaking tho).
Look at this simple yet trendy and elegant watch from Cotton On! You can wear it with any style, yes? A very versatile piece.
  Finished off my look with this cool pair of boots I got from Itti! Tell me your thoughts. :)


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