Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Safe and Outdoorsy

Here's a quick outfit post I wore during the Philippine Balloon festival which was held in my hometown- Lubao! I and my family went there around 5 in the morning to see the balloons take off. Though morning sun is good to our skin, I still wore this very comfortable duo dry I got at Target. This helped me to protect my skin from the sun. Also wore my Under armour shirt and paired it also with my under armour cap. This is the "outdoorsy" side of me. Lol

On me: Shirt from Under Armour l Duo dry from Target l Cap from Under Armour l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from New Balance l Bag from Lacoste

My Under armour cap which I pared with my shirt. Yes, I love under armour!

Say hello to my royal blue shirt. 

Gold mirrored sunnies to add a statement to my overall look.

This duo dry is very comfortable like you're not even wearing it at all.

iPod nano watch.

Finished off my look with this 574 all black New balance.
Tell me your thoughts x

Photos by: Daniele Dorado


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