Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dyed and Gangstah

Quick outfit experiment wearing an old shirt I got as a "pasalubong" (present) from my brother when they went to Davao for a short vacation. This shirt was just hanging in my closet for years now and good thing I had the chance to wear it for a movie date with my cousins. Was really inspired by the eighties people who wear this kind of dyed shirts. Also wore my favorite rings to add an extra impact to my look. Tell me your thoughts, x

On me: Shirt from Davao l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from Dr. Marten's l Sunglasses from Straight Forward l Cap from Bench l Bracelets from Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Japan and Specimen

Bamboo sunglasses from an online shop here in the Philippines- Straight Forward.

Say hello to my three year old ring!

Dyed shirt I got as a pasalubong from my brother in law way back in 2009! Finally able to wear it now. Hehe

Yes, I am officially an arm candy sucker and these pieces are my favos!

Finished off my look with my black oldy Dr. Marten's! They will forever be my favorite shoes. x

Photos by: Daniele Dorado


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