Friday, November 28, 2014

Run and Quicksilver

I'm back from our short vacation in Singapore! Really had fun in that beautiful country with my beautiful family! Also a good place to take good OOTD's! Hehe anyways, for my outfit post I decided to wear something that is- Me. What is KG Style without a wrap around? Lol added this jacket as a wrap around for my semi sporty outfit I wore when I visited my cousin at their house during his semestrial break! Had so much talking and taking cool pictures with this young man!

On me: Shirt from Under Armour l Jacket from Quicksilver l Jeans from Uniqlo l Cap from Under Armour l Shoes from Nike

One of my favorite gym caps!

Back detail of my cap.

Tinted sunnies that complemented with the color of my Shirt- Sky Blue.

Loving this activity tho, RUN!

Back design (statement) of my shirt.

Stripes jacket I got from Quicksilver!

Say hello to this awesome pair of rubbies from one of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes, Nike!

Photos by: Daniele Dorado


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