Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sporty and Casual

Sporty and casual are two different things but if you put them together they will surely give you an awesome look. Actually, I was having second thought if I should post this look because I look really fat in my whole body picture (insert a crying emoji here). Anyways, you are reading this right now and that means I decided to post it instead of putting it in trash. Lol wore my white shirt with a hint of black and paired it with my gray men's jeggings. Also added some elements of "sporty" to make everything look very light but still "casual" with my shirt and my boots.

On me: Shirt from Penshoppe l Jeans from Oxygen l Wrap around from Basic Edition l Boots from Dr. Marten's l Sunglasses from Ray Ban l Cap from Under Armour l Watch from G-Shock

My favorite brand when it comes to sports now, Under Armour!

This black and white shirt is a must in every guy's closet. Wear it in the office or in the park, it won't fail you.

Armband which added a hint of sporty to this casual polo shirt.

Wore nothing but this and my sunglasses for my accessories for the day.

Hey wrap around, it's been a while. Lol

Who said you can't go biking when you wear boots from Dr. Marten's? Lol

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga


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