Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jordans and Stripes

How was your Valentine's day ya'll? About mine? Well, I had a pretty much beautiful valentine dinner with my family in a small restaurant near our house. I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's like we did. Anyways, here's a very quick outfit post! Wore this outfit when I paid a visit to my cousins house and had a little chit chat about our lives, Wasn't really supposed to post this outfit but hey it looks good anyways even if I have fatty face in my whole body shot. Lol a simple yet fashionable outfit.

On me: Cap from Oxygen l Buttondown from People are People l Jeans from Oxygen l Watch from Cotton On l Shoes from Jordan

My favorite floral cap I got from one of my favorite local brand in our country- Oxygen.

Cotton On watch

A very comfortable button down I have so far in my closet.

Pinstripes buttondown are a must have in every guy's closet.

The sharp and casual look it gives to the eye of the people.

iPad mini by Apple.

Fatty face but J's on my feet though. Lol Finished off my look with this pair of Jordan.

Photos by: Daniele Dorado


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