Sunday, February 1, 2015

Orange and Asics

Hello February and hello Red month! But wait, why am I wearing black here? Lol (seriously tho? just to make you laugh and to make this blog post longer. haha) Anyways, on to my outfit, who said that training shoes are only made for training? Here's something to break that notion.

On me: Shirt from Zara l Jeans from Oxygen l Shoes from Asics l Watch from G-Shock l Bracelet from Rastaclat

Comfortable yet stylish basic (and not to mention walking highlighter) cap! Lol

Why hello there handsome!

Simple accessories for this outfit.

Rawr-ing rastaclat! Bracelet that made a huge impact for the hipster last year.

Back details of my training shoes.

Now tell me? Who said that this kind of pair are only for some training? you can also wear them with some class and style! 

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga


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