Friday, March 13, 2015

Brown and Coach

Summer is just in the corner but weather lately has really been crazy. Sunny in the morning and then rainy in the afternoon. Weather in the Philippines is unpredictable for real! So here's an outfit idea you can wear for a crazy weather like the past few days.

On me: Pullover from H&M l Jeans from Oxygen l Boots from Itti l Bag from Herschel l Belt from Coach

The leatherette patch of my pullover

My favourite bag as of the moment. Lol the brown leathers of it actually complemented with my shoes, belt and the patches of my pullover.

Stripes in the afternoon, yes!

It's not wet, don't worry. Lol

Deets of my sunnies

Brown booties to complete my whole outfit. 

P.S: Friday the 13th today, btw. Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Photos by: Litzwill Salenga


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