Thursday, May 12, 2016


Why hello there you guys!! Yes, I AM BACK!! I AM SO BACK!!! I am now coming back from my 1 year hiatus from blogging. The reason for this is, I was very preoccupied with my 
previous corporate work (yes previous, I am now jobless. lol) and travelling in some local destinations as well as overseas. I know that one year is very long but if you follow me on Instagram, I still post my recent outfits and travels.

It was a long gap for me and I was doubtful if I should continue the blog or just focus to my future studies in Australia (fingers crossed it will push through) and in my career. I know that there are some local and international readers especially my readers from Ukraine who were wondering about my hiatus and what's new about me.

However love overcame my second-thoughts and here I am posting again with a rekindled love for blogging.

What’s new for me? Like what I've mentioned, I am now preparing for yet another endeavour which is to study abroad. Along with these is to expand the scope of my blog. yes, I am planning to expand and make some room for new posts not just in fashion, style and travel.

In the future days you can expect a variety of posts including places to visit, food to indulge (anything that I want to eat!), lifestyle posts, product and brand reviews. AND yes, I have a lot of pending posts so please expect for massive blog posts in the next days!

We may have been away for some time but love for what you do is something you do not lose so easily. I hope you still read my blog!!



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